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The Adventure Club



USA Today 10 Best

 Abundant Life Adventure Club is named second amongst ten travel companies in the nation by USA Today. Read the article here.


Dr. Kim and Claude Walker talk with Reckon on guiding hundreds of Black people on a journey for Black Joy that balances work and wellness. Read the full article here. 


Blue Ridge Outdoors

Dr. Kim Walker talks with Blue Ridge Outdoors about how the pandemic is affecting outdoor recreation. "I feel like more people are realizing or revisiting their appreciation of the health benefits of spending time outdoors." Read full article here. 


Abundant Life Adventure Club is featured as the "Experience" in this guide to visiting Nashville. Read more here.



"According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Forestry, the vast majority of national forest visitors across the US self-identified as white, with only 6% identifying as Hispanic or Latino, and 1% identifying as Black." In this article, Emilia Benton speaks with Abundant Life Adventure Club and 13 other people of color about discovering their joy in the outdoors. Read the stories here.

Blue Ridge Outdoors

In this article, Ellen Kaninger of Blue Ridge Outdoors talks with a couple of Abundant Life Adventure Club's members about how Kim and Claude are "breaking barriers to entry" by creating a safe and enjoyable environment for black and brown people to enjoy exploring the outdoors. Read full article here.


Nashville Voyager

Dr. Kim and Claude Walker talk with Nashville Voyager about what inspired them to start their adventure club. Read the full article here. 



"Our members say that we’re a dope crew to be adventurous with that would make anyone’s active lifestyle better." Dr. Kim and Claude share the mission of Abundant Life Adventure Club and some memorable moments in this article with Hoka. Read article here.



The outdoors has provided many with an outlet to cope with the effects of the pandemic. In this article, The Tennessean speaks with some people in the southern states about ways the outdoors has helped with the stresses of the pandemic. Read more here.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet provides a list of Black hiking groups in the U.S. that are providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to reconnect with the outdoors. Dr. Kim Walker speaks about how Abundant Life Adventure Club is making it easy for black people to rekindle their love for the outdoors. See the list here.


Madame Noire

"Abundant Life Adventure Club offers curated trips – both day trips and overnight excursions – in which they organize activities like guided hikes, kayaking, fireside meals, fishing and ropes courses throughout the many gorgeous outdoor landscapes that Nashville and the surrounding areas have to offer." Read more here.


In this episode with National Recreation and Park Association, Abundant Life Adventure Club discusses things from their mission to what inspired Dr. Kim and Claude Walker to start the club, and what the future holds for the club. Listen to the episode here.



In this interview, Dr. Kim and Claude Walker share their story of what inspired them to begin Abundant Life Adventure Club. Read the full story here.


Urbaanite shares pictures from Abundant Life Adventure Club's Lakeside Campout. See the recap here.


TN Vacations

TN Vacations shares a list of 10 backpacking trails to reconnect with nature in Tennessee. See the list here.


The Scout Guide Nashville​

Featured in The Scout Guide Nashville, Abundant Life Adventure Club is highlighted as an "elite activity club to help you get moving on the weekends". Read more here. 

Amazon Music

In this episode of Adventure is a Lifestyle with Outdoorsy Diva, Abundant Life Adventure Club is featured as the black outdoor spotlight for National Great Outdoors Month. Click here to listen.

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