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The Heal Good Squad

An intimate space for healing within the collective.

Practice the self care that you deserve.

We are all healing from something. So your healing journey should not feel lonely. Connecting with a community of intentional people who are also on the journey of healing and wellness is crucial to Heal Good.

Our Heal Good Squad is more intimate community within the collective to find healing and wellness with like-minded people. The Heal Good Squad offers connection, feel good activities, and inspiration to take good care of ourselves.


How we Heal Good

We meet up twice a month for fresh air and movement with our healing hikes; and we have a cozy online space to share ideas, wins, and questions with fellow community members. We'll help you tap into the healing power of community, nature, and mindfulness so that you can be the best version of yourself.


Our healing takes us to awe-inspiring natural landscapes around Nashville like scenic lakes and roaring waterfalls that will surely satisfy your wanderlust. We combine mindfulness, meditation and breathwork with pristine spaces in nature to nurture your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.

Who is in the squad

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We're a Black wellness community that's intentional about our healing and wellness journeys. 


We know that being connected to other intentional people is critical to our success.


We meet up get active in nature for fresh air and beautiful views of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls to help keep us lifted.

We check in online about our intentions and cheer each other own. 

Becoming a member is easy

Lets Heal Good together.
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Join Now
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Your membership includes

  • Twice monthly members only healing hikes
  • Connection to an awesome community in your area 
  • An online space dedicated to encouraging your mental and physical wellness
  • Monthly check ins from wellness experts to support your healing and wellness
  • Exploration of Heal Good topics with built in accountability and support.
  • Journal prompts and challenges designed help you reach your wellness goals