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Nashville Black Wellness Collective: New Name, Same Squad, More Wellness

Abundant Life Adventure Club is now Nashville Black Wellness Collective, an
intentional wellness community dedicated to using the power of culture and community to help Black Tennesseans feel safe and empowered to prioritize their own health and healing.

Founded by Dr. Kim Walker and Claude Walker in 2018, Abundant Life Adventure Club was created to offer refuge, rest, and healing through nature and community. After five successful years and countless stories of healing coming from the community, the Walkers saw the need for the group’s name to reflect their expanded wellness focus.

Nashville Black Wellness Collective provides a safe space and community dedicated to the needs of Black people so that they can pursue their wellness goals without fear of judgment, exclusion, or microaggressions. The Collective will retain all the key elements the group is known for: outdoor adventure, community, and meditation, while also providing additional services for the broader community, members, and Black wellness experts.

● Nashville Black Wellness Collective creates a space for the broader community to
participate in monthly wellness experiences led by local wellness experts.

● The Heal Good Squad is a more intimate community within The Collective that is
designed to help members find healing and mental wellness within a supportive

● The Black Wellness Network is a community of Nashville Black wellness companies
and service providers that are committed to caring for our culture.

To learn more about Nashville Black Wellness Collective and upcoming events visit

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