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The Importance of Black Wellness Spaces in Nashville

Nashville Black Wellness Collective is a place where you can be supported in doing the healing work needed to be your best self.

Living through a pandemic, enduring racism, and navigating Music City probably puts wellness, safety, and community near the top of your list of needs.

Identifying those needs and fulfilling them are two different things. Type “Nashville” or “wellness” into your browser or into social media, and you will find countless guides, how-tos, diagrams, tips, and tricks that could be useful for someone on their wellness journey.

But algorithms don’t always give what they need to give! And since the Black experience isn’t centered the media, portrayals of Nashville, or the wellness industry- you will also notice there’s an evident void around Black wellness in Nashville.

Nashville Black Wellness Collective is here to fill that void by offering a wellness-centered community designed by us for us to help Black Tennesseans take their wellness journeys to the next level.

Black residents make up almost a third of Nashville’s growing population, but still lack access to lots of the capital, wellness opportunities, resources, and spaces enjoyed by the majority population.

The experiences and lives of Black Nashvillians deserve

to be more than an afterthought. There is a need for intentional spaces in which Black people can pursue their wellness goals in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Nashville Black Wellness Collective provides a safe space dedicated to the needs of Black people who are seeking to grow in all areas of wellness without fear of judgment, exclusion, or microaggressions.

  1. Physical Wellness: Our healing hikes and outdoor adventures offers a safe and inclusive community for people looking to live an active lifestyle while embracing all that outdoors has to offer.

  2. Mental Wellness: Setting aside time to rest, explore, and be in nature helps relieve stress, enhances our personal connections, and does wonders for our mental health.

  3. Social Wellness: Incorporating wellness activities with a community can be very healing. We are designed to connect, to embrace challenges, and celebrate victories with others. Whether you are a first-time or lifelong hiker, you don’t have to hit the trails alone.

  4. Spiritual Wellness- Meditation is a practice and action. We prioritize mental and physical restoration, and include meditation in all of our activities.

Nashville Black Wellness Collective will now provide even more opportunities for those ready to dive deeper into their healing journeys as we expand our reach to the broader community, members, and Black wellness experts.

  • Nashville Black Wellness Collective creates a space for not-yet members and the broader community to participate in outdoor adventures and special events.

  • The Heal Good Squad is a more intimate group within The Collective that is designed to help members find healing and wellness within a supportive community.

  • The Black Wellness Network is a community of Nashville's top notch Black wellness companies that are committed to caring for our culture.

If you have been thinking about becoming a member, now is the perfect time to join! We welcome folks at all fitness levels and journeys to join us as we experience the benefits of being in nature and in community with one another as we strive to be our best selves.

Check out our newly revamped website and sign up for our newsletter for all of the insight on our upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for wellness reminders and a peek into some of our latest adventures.

Remember: Live. Don’t just hustle. New name, same crew, more wellness. To learn more about Nashville Black Wellness Collective and upcoming events visit or call (615) 873-0862.

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